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Highline occupies a rare sweet spot in residential contracting – big enough to deliver on complex high-end jobs, but boutique and personal in feel.

Professional references praise the firm’s careful execution of design intent documents and its team of top-notch subcontractors, especially the finish trades. Some of the best subcontractors I’ve ever seen. Top quality work… They’re energetic and hungry to do something great in the industry.

Clients too appreciate the result. A very transparent process, I felt like I knew what was going on all the time, and what everything cost. The trust was very high… whenever any issues came up, I always talked to Mark directly and everything was taken care of.

Comments from the Franklin Report Review


Pre-Construction Consultation can never be too early or too rigorous. We frequently engage in pre-construction contracts where we’ll work hand-in-hand with the design team conducting probes, running budget checks and more to ensure viability every step of the way while scope is in development.

From conception to completion, our team of experts works diligently to meet your unique requirements. Highline’s holistic methodology is grounded in a strong integrated team approach emphasizing early involvement, heightening our ability to save costs and time while maintaining the highest quality. Our PRECON process begins with early feasibility studies, 2D and 3D representations, BIM/VDC coordination and collaborative design development, detailed shop drawings, mockups, and sample packages for review and approval.

To ensure the meticulous execution of visionary architects, designers and homeowners we are frequently asked to produce full-scale mock-ups of highly specialized custom designs. In addition to the shop drawings and sample packages that we prepare for the design team, these large-scale models provide hands-on realization of artisanal design elements in these increasingly complex build-outs.

Orchestration of the entire construction team on each project requires the highest level of personalized attention. Understanding that each project is unique, specialist teams are carefully assembled and paired with a roster of skilled artisans to deliver extraordinary fidelity to plans.

Highline’s attention to detail. Sample shop drawing: Front view, partial detail of Powder Room's cerused white oak vanity cabinet with two drawers featuring insets of starburst straw marquetry.
Our custom mockups are executed with the same quality and care as our finished work, evidenced by this sample: A cerused white oak cabinet drawer inset with starburst straw marquetry.

Detailed BIM models enable us to fully coordinate MEP and structural disciplines in 3D, identifying and resolving potential clashes during pre-construction to minimize delays and rework. State-of-the-art technologies in service of best-in-class design engage highly productive collaborations among key project stakeholders and ensure our consistent and efficient delivery of exceptional projects.

Through strategic application of BIM and VDC services, Highline continues to modernize project coordination. Partnering with industry specialists, we leverage cutting-edge construction technologies to reconcile LIDAR-verified site conditions with design intent.

In coordination with selected project subcontractors and vendors, our collaborative design development is actively supported by expert cost estimators, empowering accurate, informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle.

In addition, we actively engage in value engineering and analysis, ensuring optimal solutions are achieved. We anticipate the schedule for each phase, coordinating every detail to guarantee timely execution. Our Pre-Con team also conducts comprehensive constructability reviews, identifying and mitigating potential challenges before construction begins. We even offer guidance on design costs, ensuring your project remains within budget.

Highline’s commitment to the latest construction technologies: BIM image of a Greenwich Village townhouse project.

General Contractor

Beyond the bricks and mortar, we assemble a team unique to each project. As your General Contractor (GC), we take full responsibility for the flawless execution of your project, adhering to plans, specifications, and contractual obligations. We provide and manage the labor, material, and equipment necessary to bring your vision to life.

We assign seasoned project managers and on-site supervisors, who manage vendors and trades, monitor schedules and cash flows, and maintain accurate records. We act as a central hub, ensuring seamless communication and transparency with regularly scheduled meetings for all involved parties throughout the entire building process.

We are not simply builders; we are collaborators and visionaries. We take a holistic approach to project coordination, ensuring the quality of every element, while staying on schedule and on budget. We meticulously address every detail with a final punch list, ensuring your project is completed to the highest standards and your final vision is realized.

From demolition to finishing touches, we provide all the necessary materials, labor, equipment, and services to deliver a project that exceeds expectations. A GC with robust management, time-tested field staff, in-house carpentry crew and a deep bench of skilled, reliable subcontractors is the best investment that you can make.

Construction Management

Imagine an extension of your own staff, dedicated to the flawless execution of your project. That’s the power of our Construction Management (CM) services. We bring to bear our pre-planning, design, construction, engineering, and management expertise, ensuring your project is completed to the highest standards.

With CM, you benefit from a single point of contact. We assume full responsibility, handling everything from permit acquisition and bid procurement to onboarding appropriate consultants and meticulously crafting punch lists. We work with you to curate a team of specialized subcontractors, holding all subcontracts for construction and ensuring your project is in expert hands. Quotes are sought from multiple vendors across each trade category to ensure a litany of options and robust array of pricing.

From introduction to completion, we are your trusted partner, guiding your project to a successful conclusion. Our Construction Management Advisory (CMA) service extends our expertise even further, enabling us to act as your trusted advisor throughout the entire process. We provide pre-construction services, including cost estimates, scheduling, and constructability reviews, empowering you to make informed decisions at every stage.

It is our goal to ensure a seamless collaboration and optimal results.